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Get heard, grow your Channel

You are a great singer but you are struggling to find good backing tracks for the songs that you would love to cover? Or the backing tracks you used so far don’t sound good together with your vocal recording?

You are serious with your singing and you want to take it to the next level? Then you should read on.

Why do I need my own backing tracks?

Rick Benbow, rehearsing with a singer
Vocal rehearsal with Rick

You may be a great singer and able to reproduce one of your favorite songs convincingly. But to move to the next level you will want to develop your own style and sound. The ability to take a great song and make it absolutely your own sets you apart from other artistes and we aim to help you along the way by producing unique and PERSONAL backings that suit the range and tone of your voice, as well as reflecting the image you portray on your Youtube site.

Take your channel to the next level

  • Great backing tracks help you to sound good. We can create Acoustic Piano tracks or Acoustic Guitar tracks or even full band arrangements of current chart songs or classic hits for you to sing to.
  • We will look after all the audio mixes and all audio production aspects. We can also help with your video editing (optional), but of course you can create your own videos as you did before.
  • We are ready to work with you on a regular basis. If you want to grow your fan base, it is important that you upload new content regularly, e.g. once a week.
  • We support you by creating brand new backing tracks for you to use week after week.
  • We can give advice how to license your covers to make sure that your uploads not infringe any copyrights.
  • We can give advice how to start earning money from your cover songs on YouTube.

What are the requirements for you to qualify for our service?

It is NOT our business model to produce tons of backing tracks and sell them to as many (random) singers as possible. Instead, it’s our approach to find great, promising talents to work with constantly. But what exactly are the requirements?

  • First of all, you need to be a great singer.
  • We concentrate on working with young talents. ‘Young’ is relative, but as a rule of thumb: If you didn’t get anywhere with your singing for decades, this is most likely the wrong place for you.
  • You need to have the right attitude, you need to be ready and willing to invest time and hard work in order to achieve your goals.
  • You need to have your own YouTube channel and at least 50 subscribers to start with.
  • You need some basic technical equipment:- Obviously, you will need a video camera but just as important:
    – You need a reasonable microphone in order to capture your vocals.
    However, there is no need for expensive studio equipment, a USB microphone and a Laptop will do for a start. The better the microphone the better will be your results.
  • You need to be able to record both your video and audio files and transfer the audio via the internet. We will never meet in person (unless you live in our neighbourhood). Instead, we are going to exchange all files via the internet.
  • If you are underage we need written permission from your mum or dad that they agree with your plan to upload videos and that they do support your YouTube channel.

Why do we give away backing tracks for free?

We do indeed offer a free service, but we own the copyright on our common recordings (similar to a record company). We reserve the right to upload the best content of our collaborators on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. This means, you have a chance that your content will be officially released and you will get a fair share in case of any downloads/streams. Apart from that, this means some more exposure for you and you will be in pretty good company with other amazing talents.

Of course, you are still allowed to upload the songs we create together on your YouTube channel and if you monetise your videos on YouTube that’s fine and we do not ask for a share of your YouTube revenue.

Apply for a collaboration

First of all, we cannot work with all talents out there due to our limited resources, so we have to concentrate on the talents that fit best with OUR style. Please be aware of this and don’t be disappointed if we don’t see a chance to work with you.

DO NOT FORGET to include a link to your YouTube Channel, so we can check out your channel. Due to the many requests we get, we can’t reply to every request, thanks for understanding.

You have all the information ready? Then get in contact